Architect For New Homes, Home Remodeling and Memorials

If you are a strong willed individual and cannot find satisfaction with plan books, or lumber yard plan services, or if you want to improve your existing house, you should consider working in part or in whole with Curtis L Biggar, architect who has nearly 50 years of experience designing or building masterpieces thru-out Wisconsin. Our clientele includes such business and professional leaders as the late Vince & Marie Lombardi; renowned hip & knee replacement surgeon Dr. Bill Kennedy; Kaytee Products innovator and past president Bill Engler as well as others or more ordinary means who choose to explore educated possibilities.

We enjoy architecture and are willing to serve our clients with full service, design concepts, consultation or assist you with contractors of your choice. Our 50 years of experience will assure you of the guidance to achieve the finest possible results in your building ventures.

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During this historical lesson in energy and natural resource challenges, it is an important time to evaluate our housing desires and needs. Living in close proximity to amenities and facilities that serve basic needs in a well established older neighborhood will become a wise choice in the future. The size, quality and number of rooms in a home will have be evaluated on the basis of need, sustainability and conservation rather than excess. Improvements to existing homes such as creating volume ceilings in older ranch homes; opening areas to each other; eliminating unused 2nd story rooms to create high ceiling 1st floor volumes are a few means to modernize existing homes which are usually located in neighborhoods shaded with mature trees. There has never been such an important time to consult with an architect.

Biggar Development, of Appleton, Wisconsin, specializes in unique, custom residential architecture that is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. We focus on solar, green and accessible architecture.

We can work thru-out the USA with a NAHB Certified Green Professional in your area.

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