Opus Solarus is a team of NAHB Certified Building Professionals, led by an Architect, with a mission to build homes and associated buildings in accordance ith the NATIONAL GREEN BUILDING STANDARDS ICC-2008......... The new standard assures credibility to the "green movement" by complying with ANSI & International Code Council endorsed standards.

Each home designed & built by Opus Solarus will achieve or surpass NATIONAL GREEN BUILDING STANDARD ......BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, or EMERALD ratings that will be verified and inspected by independent certified professionals. These new standards are a reward standard over and above building codes and will protect buyers, lenders, and insurers of these buildings. These homes can be built off the grid using natural or LP gas generators for auxilary power.

Our NATURAL GREEN HOME OF THE FUTURE, as described below, is a result of 50 years in architectural practice. I have found the octagon plan, if properly developed lends itself to panoramic vistas, ease in moving within the building and admits more natural interior light. I have lived in a south facing octagon home-studio with generous areas of glass and can attest to the positive psychological effect on my life. The warmth of the sun on a cold day is just as Socrates said. The open vistas of outside landscape bring us close to nature as Mr. Wright encouraged. These buildings cost less to build because the octagon is practical in shape , uses less construction materials, and costs less to heat-cool-light and to maintain......Curtis L Biggar, Architect


Biggar4 BEDROOM-2 CAR 1746 sf affordable, accessible, near zero energy cost, storm resistant, mold resistant, fire resistant & sprinklered, aquaponic greenhouse, ships ladder to equipment room, log or masonry exterior walls, passive solar, natural cooling, natural lighting, 3 to 4 KW thin solar photovoltaic roof available. Customized modifications, including 3 car garage; 2nd story master suite available.

BiggarSOUTH ELEVATION 2 car all masonry model with optional 3kw thin solar photovoltaic standing seam metal roof on south elevations & 35 year asphalt roofing on balance of roof. Available with 3 car garage and 3 to 4 kw thin solar photovoltaic standing seam metal roof. Customized modifications available.

BiggarNORTH ELEVATION 2 car all log model with thin solar photovoltaic standing seam metal roof on south elevations & 35 year asphalt roofing on balance of roof.......... Available with 3 car garage; spiral stair; 2nd floor master suite. Customized modifications available.

BiggarSCHEMATIC DESIGNsouth cutaway view of log model showing solar apperature, thermal floor storage mass with radiant floortubing, ridge beams with hollow bottoms to accommodate air ducts, electrical wiring & fire sprinklers-clerestory windows above hallway for natural light, ventilation & thermal siphoning, spiral stair to equipment & storage room (above the central bathroom) which serves as a safe-room within the storm-resistant octagonal shaped building. The laundry-craft room between the kitchen & garage has a aquaponic greenhouse at the south end. Adequate storage is provided in the walk-in closet next to the garage and in the upper equipment room...... Additional storage and a third car stall can be added to the 22� x 26� garage space.

Opus Solarus documents and architectural plans are copyrighted and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Unauthorized use is subject to a minimum & mandatory $250.000.00 penalty.