Biggar Memorial Monuments custom designs cemetery, grave, and burial memorial monuments for families and communities. These monuments fill the need for permanent memorialization in all manner of artistic integrity for the growing number of people choosing cremation.

Designed with artistic integrity to promote places of quiet reflection within existing green spaces and urban confines, our burial monuments are suitable for existing cemeteries, church lands, universities, nature centers, parks and public or private land.

Biggar Memorial Monuments is the culmination of an idea sparked by the passing of Curtis and LaVonne Biggar's parents. The idea was to create a convenient location of quiet and repose for remembrance and visitation. After a decade of research, design, patent development and production, Biggar Memorial Monuments was created. Biggar's first patent was granted in July of 2002. Additional design and utility patents are pending.

As the development of land accelerates, it is more important than ever to give memorials a proper place within the urban fabric rather than be moved to the perimeters of our communities. Biggar Memorials is committed to design and produce memorial monuments of artistic integrity instead of imposing walls of granite or high maintenance mausoleums. We are committed to work with local and national public authorities to protect ownership of the memorials and their long range future. We provide design services as well as products.

Family Cremation Memorial Monuments are designed to hold the remains of several generations and one or more urns can even hold the remains of beloved family pets. Our exclusive design allows all the name tiles to be easily read without stretching or bending. Future generations can expand the memorial depending on available land. Urns can be purchased at the time of need or with the memorial. They can be placed in cemeteries or on private land.

Memorials are manufactured of molded granite and are designed to hold several anodized aluminum or stainless steel urns in one or more polygonal shaped granite vaults. Accessories include benches, pavers, identification tiles, round or bas relief sculpture and text to embellish the monuments and create an inviting garden ensemble. The memorials easily install with light equipment by your grounds crew or our landscapers.
The 9 Urn Memorial is designed in the shape of a triangle. Your family surname, initial, coat of arms or crest can be embossed or surface mounted on the front. A pair of matching planters can be added to each side to compliment the monument.

The 18 Urn Memorial is an attractive hexagon and can be viewed from any side. Your family surname, initial, coat of arms can be embossed or surface mounted on the front face of the memorial. It is available as a single polygon or with attached planters.

Custom Memorials. We can make your dreams and ideas become a reality. Customization of granite shapes and sizes are only limited by your imagination. Individual urns or entire monuments can be easily relocated. Accessories include planters, benches, fountains or any other amenities you desire.

Service Cremation Memorials can be used to honor those who served in the military along with fellow citizens who served their communities in other important ways, such as fraternal, service or professional organizations.

This particular service memorial, "The Field of Honor" is in Black River Falls, Wisconsin. It is a pentagon shaped memorial within a five point star designed by Architect Curtis L. Biggar and honors WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. This 5 year project that was enthusiastically embraced by the community, their fund raising exceeding the cost of the memorial. Each year, new donors continue to purchase paving tiles honoring family veterans and funding future improvements. This memorial was planned for future expansion with a bronze sculpture, history pavilion and additional landscaping.

Community Cremation Memorial Monuments

Our beautiful 72 urn hexagonal ensemble is shown with our "The Lord is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want," bronze base relief and text complimented with a 6 foot curved bench. Biggar cremation memorials make it possible to return burial "to a church" rather than "away from a church"

The sloped lid of our 72 urn memorial is partially open to reveal a typical metal urn with a fleur-de-lis lift handle. The lid name tile is fastened on the lid with a wing nut from the inside. The center lid tile locks the lifting screw in place for security. In this arrangement, each side vault holds 18 urns and the center vault holds 36 connected end to end. Expansion for the future is possible as well as accessorizing with planters, pavers, flags, or flower holders. Individual urns or entire monuments can be easily relocated. This arrangement is especially designed for property owned by a Christian community or it could be installed in a public cemetery with a restriction for designated use.

Community MonumentsAppropriate sculpture can be provided for non-religious applications.
This ensemble requires less than 1 square foot per urn of ground space.
Community Monuments200 cubic inch Urn

Tranquility Place - A Place for Reflective Memories of Families and Pets

Tranquility Place is a planned memory garden condominium whose purpose is to own and maintain cremation monuments.. for families and their pets in perpetuity. Tranquility Place is ADA accessible, nondiscriminatory, and subject to the rules of the condominium association.

Triad Vault For 9 Urns + Pets

Vault is shown in a normal closed configuration and with the key locked main name plate removed for access to scissors jack to raise the lid and to remove wing nut from lid name plats for individual tributes. The jack can be raised manual with the chrome hand crank or with a power drill and socket. The vaults can be located on any private property and in cemeteries according to agreement. Families of vaults own the keys and have access to the urns without substantial opening fees. All materials are granite with tiles suitable for laser or sandblast engraving. The vaults are available in all granite colors and patterns and can be arranged in clusters as described below. Each vault retains it's individuality by having the front face and triangular tip facing toward the viewer. Assemblies of vaults can be added to at anytime to a maximum of six forming a hexagon.

HexTriad Vaults for 9 urns
Community MonumentsMulti Vault Layouts